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Women More Sympathetic Towards Teammates Says This HR Company's Woman Founder

She calls women more approachable, more creative and better at relationships and networking.

India's Top Woman Digi-preneur Says Nation's Digital Revolution Behind Its Women's Success

Bhargava believes India is now at a tipping point and welcoming women to take up entrepreneurship and C-suite roles.

This 29-year Old Wants to Bring Cloud Platform For Driverless Cars to India

With his startup, BestMile, Gindrat wants to change the world of autonomous mobility across borders.

What India Can Learn From Switzerland To Improve Public Transport

The Zurich's public transport system, which is known for its dense network, punctuality and reliability

Bill Gates Calls India's Demonetization Drive A Bold Move

The Microsoft founder Bill Gates called the move a bold one, which he believes will deflate India's shadow economy

Whatsapp Says No Group Video-calling; Entrepreneurs Can Opt For These 7 Apps Instead

Entrepreneurs who are glued on to their phones for daily communication and prefer to ditch the laptop need not worry.

"There is Really No Best Practice an Organization Can Follow"

You need to invert the pyramid and let the employee decide what he or she finds interesting and intriguing says Shergill.

What Companies Can Do For Better Team Building

Shared vision does not mean giving ESOPs or talking about creating business plans together.

India's Top HR Consultancy Founder Reveals #8 Recruitment Trends Set to Rule 2017

She calls IT, retail, telecom, finance, electronics and eCommerce the hottest sectors that are hiring and will continue hiring in 2017.

How Can Mature Companies Ensure Millenials Stick to Jobs

Young talent exiting experienced companies to join startups is a trend that has fast caught up in India.

The Party For Digital Payment Wallets' Companies Has Begun Early, Thanks to Modi!

Cashless future is here, and Narendra Modi has given a Diwali bonus to fintech companies.

8 Qualities of Donald Trump That Make Him a Great Leader

The United States of America has overwhelmingly voted for the 70-year Donald J Trump to become President.

Congratulations America! You Have Become Great Again

Donald Trump shows who is king, sweeps US Presidential Elections 2016.

Modi Repeats 38-year Long Indian History, Demonetizes Rs 500 & Rs 1000 Notes

The currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 would be only paper, with no value and would no more be legal tender.