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How You Respond To Criticism Says A Lot About Your Entrepreneurial Skills

As we are at the start of 2017, let's resolve to take on all of the opportunities and challenges that are going to be thrown at us with the right attitudes.

Mahmood Shaikhani, Managing Director, Shaikhani Group On Running (And Growing) The Family Business

In a region where over 80% of businesses are either owned or controlled by families, it's easy to note the similarities between the growth stories of the Shaikhani Group of Companies and other family businesses based here in the Middle East.
Entrepreneur Ecosystems

Action Over Policy: Hany Fahmy Aly, Executive Vice President - Enterprise Business, du

Besides operating a separate team to provide training and support to its SME suppliers, UAE telco du says it also has a procurement system in place to identify SME partners- a system that it continuously evaluates and improves.
Venture Capital

Disrupting Venture Capital: How PROOF VC Fund Aims To Invest Only In The "Hits"

The new PROOF VC Fund will invest in capital alongside a select group of early-stage VC firms in their best performing companies.
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Debate Time: Noon, Mohamed Alabbar, And The MENA E-Commerce Landscape

I am curious to hear what our readers in the Middle East's entrepreneurial ecosystem think about Noon.

Identity Matters: Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe

How this Swiss luxury watch brand founded in 1980 is using innovation to beat its older competitors in the market (and consolidate its future).
Business Leaders

Enabling Innovation: TECOM Business Parks CEO Malek Sultan Al Malek

"Becoming an entrepreneur is not just a title that you'll carry- it's a responsibility."
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Hustling Smarter (Not Harder)

It's not about how much work you do, it's about how you do it.
Creative Entrepreneur

Inspired Pursuits: Michelle Karam, Founder, Travel Junkie Diary

In an era where quantity over quality seems to be the norm, Karam is keen on moving in a different direction with what she does.
Influencer Marketing

Inspired Pursuits: Rosemin Manji, Founder, RR & Co. Bespoke Luxury Management

Even as the nature of the region's luxury sector changed, Manji smartly set herself to be one step ahead of these trends- and made herself a force to reckon with in the business of fashion.
Creative Entrepreneur

Inspired Pursuits: Omar Samra, Founder, Wild Guanabana

Egyptian entrepreneur Omar Samra talks about his corporate career in finance before letting his passion for travel drive him to set up his travel company Wild Guanabana.
Creative Entrepreneur

Inspired Pursuits: Nada And Noor Alawi, Co-founders, Annada

The Bahrain-based Annada made quite an impression when it launched in 2011 offering scarves featuring original artwork by two regional artists, and co-founders (and sisters) Nada and Noor Alawi have since proved themselves to more than just a flash in the pan.
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Impact Investments: Entrepreneur Middle East Launches #EntMEStartups

At Entrepreneur Middle East, we've so far put in time and effort to helping build this ecosystem- and now, we are putting in capital as well.
Creative Entrepreneur

Inspired Pursuits: Designer Hussein Bazaza

We asked MENA's creative entrepreneurs about what works and what doesn't in turning a passion into a viable business.

Capital Welcome: CIDIC President and CEO Oswald Wong Eyes Investments In The Middle East

The President and CEO of CIDIC is looking to invest up to US$2 billion on Middle East projects- and he's looking to partner with SMEs along the way.