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Aby Sam Thomas

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Impact Investments: Entrepreneur Middle East Launches #EntMEStartups

At Entrepreneur Middle East, we've so far put in time and effort to helping build this ecosystem- and now, we are putting in capital as well.
Creative Entrepreneur

Inspired Pursuits: Designer Hussein Bazaza

We asked MENA's creative entrepreneurs about what works and what doesn't in turning a passion into a viable business.

Capital Welcome: CIDIC President and CEO Oswald Wong Eyes Investments In The Middle East

The President and CEO of CIDIC is looking to invest up to US$2 billion on Middle East projects- and he's looking to partner with SMEs along the way.

Commanding Attention: Startup Everledger Makes A Knockout First Impression

With the use of technology like blockchain, smart contracts, machine vision and AI, Everledger essentially creates an immutable digital footprint for a diamond, thereby providing a secure, transparent record which stakeholders throughout the supply chain can use to track and protect their assets.

Sky-High Ambitions: Skyline University College Founder And President Kamal Puri

Entrepreneur and educationalist Kamal Puri on 26 years of business in the UAE.

Breaking Ground: Propertyfinder Group Founder And CEO Michael Lahyani

Fresh off a US$200 million valuation, propertyfinder Group gets set for its next leg of growth.
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Getting Inspired During Tough Times Isn't Easy, But It's Got To Be Done

The state of business in the region currently requires SMEs to rethink and reevaluate their strategies for their growth and survival.

Building Brand Allegiance: Christopher Buxton, Managing Director, Lexus UAE

For Buxton, ensuring his customers have great experiences, throughout their transaction cycles, is key to furthering his business' growth.

Follow The Leader: Laoucine Kerbache, Dean and CEO, HEC Paris in Qatar

Kerbache is very tuned in on the changing dynamics of the Middle East economies, and is keen on having his organization cater to the specific needs of this particular region.

Follow The Leader: Thumbay Moideen, Founder President, Thumbay Group

Ask Moideen to what factors he attributes his company's success to, his modesty is easily apparent when he answers with a deference to the Thumbay Group's brand motto: Growth Through Innovation.

Follow The Leader: Mona Ataya, Founder And CEO, Mumzworld

"The life of an entrepreneur is not an easy one, and it's not for everyone."

Follow The Leader: Puneet Chhatwal, CEO, Steigenberger Hotel Group

The Germanic brand has been making inroads into markets all around the world, and Chhatwal definitely seems to be the right person to help Steigenberger realize its global goals.

Follow The Leader: Raghu Malhotra, President - Middle East and Africa, MasterCard

"We are on a journey to changing mindsets about cash through smaller achievements that began with one simple belief that payment is just a means– a facilitator of a specific, more meaningful experience."

Follow The Leader: H.E. Hamad Buamim, President and CEO, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Given the sheer scope and range of activities that Dubai Chamber associates itself with, and how successful they turn out to be, it must be said here that Buamim's leadership of the institution is, by itself, something that is worthy of praise.