Adriaan Brits


Jobchain Seeks to Improve Global Employment Through Cryptocurrency “JOB”

Industries around the world are improving their modes of production to meet the increasing demand. A growing number of employers have started to introduce cryptocurrency as a method of payment or remuneration for employees. With these advancements sweeping itself across various lucrative industries, the founder of Jobchain®, Jose Bay has shared support in the standardization […]

10 Profitable Business Ideas for 2021 – Globally Available

According to the world bank, SME’s represent 90% of all businesses. This means you do not have to feel guilty to leave the corporate world if you ever chose to explore a small business opportunity. Investors want to be in on the hubs that will power a wave of successful entrepreneurs – whereas the latter […]

Seasonal Analysis of,, and other shoe retailers

Analysing consumer behaviour in a half-resolved pandemic environment provides mixed results in different parts of the world. Yet in the US, shoe and clothing retailers share similar trends.  Consumers spent their money differently and it is argued that among those who did not become unemployed, many have saved up huge amounts during the pandemic.    […]

Cash Cartier: Entrepreneur, Role Model, and Philanthropist

Every industry has a name that is referred to as the face of that industry. Anyone researching cryptocurrency and rising trends in Blockchain, will no doubt also come across the name “Cash Cartier”. It is also the case that when you think of network marketing, the first name that comes to mind is undeniably Cash […]

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