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Former Staff, Entrepreneur India


Why Entrepreneurs Need to Embrace their Failures

Vishwas Mudagal, says failure in past ventures taught him a great deal

Why Companies Need Innovation Officers?

"Communication is Innovation because without good communication it's just a bunch of ideas."

Blippar CEO Ambarish Mitra Feels Days of Groundbreaking Apps are Gone

'It's tough to be a Facebook or an Uber and capture the pulse of the masses in the current mobile space.'

Is The E-commerce Space All About Capital?

Only the big players backed by huge funding seem to be surviving

Fintech Lenders are Axing NPAs, But is a Digital Relation with Customers Enough?

Most fintech companies in India have not yet forayed into lending, but some have taken the bold step with promising result

Why Entrepreneurs in India need to Capitalize on Mobile Advertising

Here's how mobile advertising can lead your business growth in the market.

How WeWork India Aims to be an Upcoming Hub for Entrepreneurs

The plush office working space offers enterprises the opportunity to interact with countless entities within the hub

Investing in Cybersecurity is No More an Option for Businesses. Here's Why

Today wealth is increasingly tied to intellectual property, which can be stolen or destroyed in a cyber attack

China is Now Inviting Entrepreneurs to its Newest Investment Hub Guizhou

India's biggest competitor wants the country's entrepreneurs to explore big data opportunities in the region

What Today's Entrepreneurs Can Learn from the Founder of World's Sixth Largest Pharma Company

This teacher-turned-entrepreneur turned an INR 5,000 investment into a billion dollar entity

If Your Business Network Uses Windows 10, It's Not As Secure As You Think

New attack technique called GhostHook renders the Windows security defense system useless once activated