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Aliza P. Sherman

Aliza Sherman is a web pioneer, e-entrepreneur and author of eight books, including

PowerTools for Women in Business.

Her work can be found at


Attack Of The Macro Viruses

Protect your computer system by practicing safe computing.

Sync Your Bookmarks

Here's a site that helps you get all your favorites sites bookmarked on all your computers.

Getting a Little Legal Advice

Now you may be able to get the legal information you need online.

Make Security A Priority

One expert explains the importance of site security and what you should to do to protect your e-business.

Did You Do It?

A Web site can help you determine if search engines have you listed and how you fare in search engine results.

Taking Care Of Customers

The easiest way to answer your customers questions may be through an automatic FAQ system.

The Privacy Debate Continues...

An expert speaks out about the importance of privacy policies and data security.

A Million HTML Editors

Our expert selects a few HTML software packages that the professionals like.

Sites For the Business Traveler

Check out these sites and online resources for business travelers.

The Professional-Sounding E-Mail Address

If you don't have one yet, it's time to get your own domain-name e-mail address.

Using Instant Messaging For Business

Save on your phone bills by using this faster, cheaper service.

Pay For Placement: Keyword Bidding

By bidding for certain keywords, you can improve your search results.

Pay For Placement: Keyword Buying

Instead of doing the things the old way, why not pay to get better results with search engines?

What's A Voice Portal?

If you're using the Web to get access to all the information you need every day, why not try a new approach?

Getting A Cyber-Seal Of Approval

The benefits of having a privacy policy posted on your site and where you can get one