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These Are the Top Ten Cryptocurrencies in 2021 so far

Cryptocurrency has emerged as a viable investment option over the past decade or so. They may also help you to earn quick and massive returns. As always, your return would depend on the size of your investment, as well as the crypto you select. To give you some idea of the level of return you […]

Coronavirus stimulus check: Why keeping IRS letter is very important

The IRS, so far, has sent out about 163 million stimulus payments under the American Rescue Plan Act. Now, the agency has also started sending the letter, signed by President Joe Biden, to the beneficiaries confirming their payment. It is very important that you keep this IRS letter, in case you haven’t yet received the […]

These Are The Top Ten Communications Mutual Funds

Investors looking to invest in a growth-oriented sector may go for the communications sector. Along with robust return, this sector always offers growth prospects owing to continuous advancement in technology. Those investing in this sector largely concentrate on the telecommunications and media companies, but they may also invest in ISPs (Internet service provider), network operators, […]

These Are The Ten Richest Countries In The World

One way to rank the wealthiest countries is on the basis of their GDP (gross domestic product). Such a ranking, however, doesn’t give an idea about the earnings of the people in the county. So, a better way of ranking countries is on the basis of nominal GDP per capita. Though nominal GDP per capita […]

Want $2k monthly coronavirus stimulus checks? Signing this petition may help

Congress, so far, has sent three one-time stimulus checks of up to $1,200, $600 and $1,400. More than two million people now officially believe that these stimulus payments were insufficient to meet the financial needs of people struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, these people have also signed a petition asking Congress to send […]

Did Biden hint at fourth coronavirus stimulus checks in his speech to Congress?

The IRS so far has sent about 163 million stimulus payments, amounting to about $384 billion, with the third round of checks. Many are already putting pressure on President Joe Biden to come up with a fourth round of coronavirus stimulus checks. It was believed that Biden would hint about his stimulus checks plans in […]

You may ask for a coronavirus stimulus check or rebate from your auto insurer

You might have already got the third stimulus checks of up to $1,400, as well as the stimulus payment from the earlier two rounds, but you may still get one more stimulus related check. This coronavirus stimulus check might come from your auto insurer as a rebate or discount, provided you are able to convince […]

These Are The Top Ten US Banks By Employee Count

The U.S. is home to some of the biggest banks in the world. As of Dec. 31, 2020, the top 15 biggest banks in the country held $12.54 trillion in assets. These top banks are big employers as well. They are a source of income for millions of people, and help to keep a check […]

These Are 10 Billionaires Who Went Broke

It is very rare for a person to achieve the status of billionaire and then lose it. Although it is a rare occurrence, it is not unheard of. Usually, one expects a billionaire to be shrewd enough to protect their wealth. However, situations could get tough sometimes. Unfavorable economic scenarios, bad investments or fraud can […]

Already got third coronavirus stimulus check? you may get ‘plus-up’ payment also

The IRS is currently distributing the sixth batch of stimulus checks under the American Rescue Plan. This sixth batch of payments not only includes coronavirus stimulus checks but also a bonus payment, in the form of “plus-up” checks. Q1 2021 hedge fund letters, conferences and more Coronavirus stimulus checks: What is “plus-up” payment? This “plus-up” […]

These Are the Top Ten Emerging Markets Bonds

Emerging market bonds have grown popular in recent times. These are the bonds that are issued by developing countries and the companies operating within those countries. Such bonds offer a higher return than U.S. corporate and Treasury bonds, but they come with an increased level of risk in comparison to domestic debt instruments. If you […]

These Are the Top Equity Energy Mutual Funds

Several investors have made massive returns by investing in energy securities. The energy sector, however, is known to be volatile. One can reduce this volatility and risk to some extent by investing in equity energy mutual funds. As can be expected, these funds provide exposure to securities in the energy sector. These securities are of […]

These Are The Top Emerging Markets Mutual Funds

Those looking for more than average returns have the option to invest in emerging markets. However, investing in emerging markets is relatively risky. One can mitigate, or at least reduce such risk by investing through mutual funds focusing on emerging markets, especially diversified emerging markets. Such funds generally invest in 20 or more countries, with […]

Beware: Funeral assistance scams similar to coronavirus stimulus check scams

Yesterday we talked about how you can apply for up to $9,000 in funeral expenses reimbursement if you lost a loved one due to COVID-19. One more thing that you need to know and be aware of is that just like the coronavirus stimulus check scams, fraudsters are targeting this funeral assistance program as well. […]

These Are The Americans Who Donated The Most In 2020

Billionaires are not only known for their lavish lifestyles, but for their donations as well. However, as per The Chronicle of Philanthropy, the donations from billionaires was at historic lows in 2020. Yet, there were some billionaires who made massive donations, either directly or through their charities. In this article, we’ll take a look at […]