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Apple Launches First Budget 5G iPhone

The new SE model is approximately $250 cheaper than the company's original iPhone. 

This Women-Powered Social Platform Is Revolutionizing the Way Authors Market Their Work

Only 2.3% of venture funding went to women-founded companies in 2020, but Allison Trowbridge beat the odds to found Copper and amplify authors' voices.

The House of LR&C Co-Founder and CEO Christine Day Shares the 'Subtle Power Moves' That Amplify Her Voice

The former Starbucks executive and Lululemon CEO has learned how to navigate the complexity that comes with being a woman leader in a still largely male-dominated corporate world.

Jane Poynter Wants to Take You to Space — and She's Not Doing It Like the Billionaire Boys' Rocket Club

Poynter sat down with Entrepreneur to discuss 30 years in the male-dominated aerospace sector and her latest endeavor, Space Perspective, the company striving to send more people to space than ever before.

A Treasure-Filled NYC Mansion From 1900 Is Now for Sale

The seven-bedroom, five-bathroom home was designed by Ulrich Huberty, son of a successful German-American businessman named Peter Huberty, for his parents.

France Seizes Superyacht Linked to Sanctioned Russian Oligarch

On Feb. 28, the European Union published a list of Russian oligarchs who will face sanctions in response to the conflict.

Target Seeks Edge With New Compensation Strategies

The competition for employees amid a nationwide labor shortage continues as major U.S. retailers vie for talent.

U.S. Women's Soccer Settles Equal-Pay Lawsuit: A Timeline

Although U.S. women's soccer star Alex Morgan called the settlement a "proud moment" for U.S. women's soccer, the fight is far from over on an international scale.

A Cognitive Scientist Reveals Why We Choke Under Pressure and How to Avoid It

Cognitive scientist and president of Barnard College Sian Beilock discusses how we "get in our own way" when it matters most and shares strategies to help prepare for success when the stakes are high.