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Amit Ghosh

Amit Ghosh

Guest Writer / Freelance Writer, Blogger

Amit Ghosh likes to experience and observe everything that life has to present in front of him. Amit has been a full-time professional freelance writer since 2005. With a deep interest in the world and a personal library, he always finds an endless supply of ideas for the wide variety of subject areas that he covers in his articles. He is also a contributing writer at Huffington Post and Wikipedia.

Project Management

5 Project Management Mistakes That Can Harm Your Business

Adjusting to the unexpected is good. Winging it from beginning to end is not.

#5 Ways You Can Be More Productive Everyday

Increase your productivity levels through a conscious effort to inculcate and develop good habits that are replicable - day in and day out.
Content Marketing

The Role Of Emotion & Human Psychology In Content Marketing

We generally don't buy things because we think it's useful or because we are blown away by its remarkable features.

#10 Things to Remember While Launching Your Startup

Gone are the days when entrepreneurship was a privilege for the lesser few who were risk takers and brave hearts.
Sales Leads

4 Alternative Ways to Find Leads in 2017

Content marketing is highly recommended for online marketing and businesses are usually at a loss to create meaningful, engaging content
Starting a Business

Top 10 Advantages Teen Entrepreneurs Have While Commencing a Business

The teens, nowadays, don't wait for their education to be completed, but are more forward to approach investors and pitch their creative ideas