Angela De Giacomo & Diksha Dutta

Angela De Giacomo & Diksha Dutta

Initiator, WunderNova & contributing editor at WunderNova

Angela De Giacomo lives in India 4 to 5 months a year where she manages the Bissell Family Office since 2013, invests in Indian start-ups and serves as a board member of several start-ups in India and Singapore. Angela is also the Initiator of WunderNova, a platform where she opened several exclusive online networking clubs. In one of them WunderNova connects Indian and German start-ups as well as investors. Additionally, Angela is also working with the German Start-up Association (GSA) when it comes to all Indian related matters and together with the GSA she is working on building a sustainable bridge between the Indian and German start-up ecosystems.

Diksha Dutta is an Indian columnist and is the contributing editor at WunderNova, a networking platform that connects Indian and German start-ups as well as investors. At present, she is also working on her first book on Indian businesses with Bloomsbury India. Diksha works in the media team of Ashoka University, a pioneer in liberal arts education in India.

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