Anjan Rangaraj

Anjan Rangaraj

CEO, Catalyst Properties

About Anjan Rangaraj

Armed with an MBA in International Studies, from Schiller International University, France, Mr. Anjan Rangaraj began his entrepreneurial journey in the field of advertising in 2000 with Cedilla Ad Agency. Apart from learning the ropes about the industry, Rangaraj also gained expertise in developing leads for the real estate developers his ad agency was working on. Cedilla enjoyed a rapid growth trajectory and soon was one of the top players in its field.  In 2008, under the ambit of Cedilla Group of Industries, Rangaraj started Catalyst Properties. 

Under his leadership and guidance, the company is today one of the leading property companies in the real-estate industry.  Rangaraj is also an avid golfer and is passionate about collecting vintage bikes with 40 bikes in his possession. He also loves collecting beer stein and has close to 1000 vintage beer steins as part of his collections. Most treasured among them is a beer stein harking back to 18th century Vienna. 

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