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April Y. Pennington

On the Rise

Bread businesses are making a post-Atkins comeback.

True Franchise Confessions

What's it REALLY like to buy a franchise? Seven entrepreneurs share their experiences as franchisees.

The Beat Goes On

With each venture, this hip-hop impresario keeps his rhythm.

Sampling Sweet Success

Life is sweet for two visionaries who mix sugary treats with style.


With an Academy Award and a hit TV show, the creators of <i>Queer Eye</i> are telling stories everyone wants to hear.

Making Waves

For the brothers who made the fish taco a million-dollar industry, it's all relative.

Groomed for Success

Some would-be grooms need a little direction in finding the perfect diamond. Here come the guides.

Libreria Martinez Books & Art Gallery

From cutting hair to inspiring Hispanic readership, Rueben Martinez's novel idea is a story for all ages.

Breakfast of Champions

Tapping into a widespread passion, these entrepreneurs hope to make everyone's favorite breakfast food an all-day event.

Beauty for a Buck

Challenging the industry standard of costly cosmetics, e.l.f. says, "The buck stops here."


One man's local e-mail list becomes a community marketplace and information treasure trove.

POS World Inc.

When the government came calling on this formerly homebased business, it was a good thing.

ProCharms Inc.

By targeting sports lovers, these jewelry entrepreneurs are leading the charmed life.


All women know that many undergarments can be uncomfortable and unflattering. But this entrepreneur decided to do something about it.

10e20 LLC

These penny-pinching entrepreneurs saved a bundle on startup costs--and have made a bundle in the process.