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No Hot Air

The SBA's participating securities program proves SBICs can help companies get off the ground.

Many Golden Returns

Warrants promise investors great stock prices In the future--and can get you cash now.

B-B-Bad To The Loan

Rough roads ahead have you fearing a loan default? Here are some ways to bargain with your banker.

Board Games

The OTC Bulletin Board: a rung on your way up the Nasdaq ladder or the place where small-time players go to be small-time players?

It Ain't Over . . .

The IPO may be a done deal--but wait! You're not finished yet.

Synchronize Your Watches

When it comes to going public, timing is everything.

Open To Consultation

Where to turn when your money-raising dilemma is more than you can face alone

Ready Or Not?

Before you start shaking the trees for investors, make sure you're prepared to catch them.

Burnt Offerings?

It's understandable to be bedazzled by the riches you see in other companies' IPOs. But before you follow their lead, make sure your company is cut out for going public.

Highway To Heaven

You don't need to look on high--and low--for angel investors. Try these proven paths.

Industrial Revolution

Once reserved for large corporations, Industrial Development Bonds are now a source of growth capital for entrepreneurs.

What's It Worth?

If there's value in your inventory or receivables, you may be able to borrow against it to help fund the growth of your business.

Proceed With Caution!

These six capital-raising mistakes can land your proposal in an investor's circular file.

Earning Curve

Entrepreneurship programs at universities nationwide have capital-hungry business owners heading back to school.