Asim Dalal

Asim Dalal

Managing Director, Indo Count RetailVentures Pvt. Ltd. and The Bombay Store

About Asim Dalal

Asim Dalal, ASCENT Member and Managing Director of Indo Count RetailVentures Pvt. Ltd. and The Bombay Store and has over 20 years of experience in international banking, project finance, stock broking & retail. Asim joined Bombay Swadeshi Stores Limited as Director in October, 1991 and in April, 1994 took over as Managing Director. Asim is also the Jt. Managing Director of the family owned Printing Company, Western Press Pvt. Limited which focuses on Financial documents printing. Asim is an active member of the entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) –Bombay Chapter since 2001.

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