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10 keys to teamwork

Stop focusing on the "me" and create the "we". Find out how to get your employees to collaborate and pursue a common goal.

10 keys to a successful company

Beyond profitability, the best companies are those that care about adding value to their customers, employees, and business partners.

10 keys to overcome difficult times

If you are going through a difficult stage in your business, personal life or work, these tools will help you overcome the crisis.

What is the 'lean startup' method about to undertake fast and with low investment

This strategy is based on learning and experimentation to create startups in less time and with less money.

10 tips so that your new employees do not lose the illusion

There is nothing more disappointing for an employee than feeling that their work is not important. We tell you how to avoid it.

10 horrible bosses (and how not to be one)

Here are some common types of bosses in companies. Get to know yourself and avoid having this type of harmful attitudes.

How to control (and take advantage of) your emotions

The Pixar film "Mind-Behind" teaches you how to not let fear, sadness, anger and other emotions affect you.

The 10 worst ways to make business contacts

When you attend an event, meeting or conference, avoid making these mistakes to generate quality business leads.

The value of a good mentor

Find people in your life who motivate you to be better, guide, give their feedback and provide tools to succeed.

10 Lessons From Disney And Pixar Movies

The tapes from these animation studios not only teach values, they also give important lessons for entrepreneurs.

How to survive the change?

An entrepreneur shares what you should look for in your employees and implement in your company to innovate and stay in the market.

Are You Over 30 Years Old? Forget the Stigma of Numbers and Change Your Perspective

Let's stop thinking of dates and ages as deadlines; let's enjoy and learn from the process.

Say goodbye to the 'I don't have time' excuse in 2021

In the pandemic, many of us have noticed that we use this excuse to not do what we really do not want to do.

The story of my mother, her Bico Moda brand and how she started her business at 57

It is relatively easy to start as a young man when we are full of energy and responsibilities do not overwhelm us, unlike someone who is close to quiet retirement.

Lessons from Ted Lasso on leadership

If you haven't seen this Apple TV Plus series yet, you are missing out on several lessons to create winning teams.

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