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What are the challenges for foreign startups to establish themselves in Mexico?

The arrival of foreign startups in Mexico meant a radical change both for the ecosystem of these companies and for users, who were able to access a range of products and services different from what they were used to.

What are the benefits of the startup visa for Mexican companies?

The International Entrepreneur Rule was proposed by Obama three days before leaving office, but was cut short during the term of Donald Trump.

What are the legal challenges to have more unicorn startups in Mexico?

The success of a startup is largely determined by the time and dedication that entrepreneurs have to develop their company.

How to negotiate with investors?

The first meeting with investors is key, since the development or stagnation of a project will depend on it.

How to establish a transnational startup in Mexico?

Mexico is the most attractive market to start a startup in Latin America, this due to the large size of its internal market.

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