Cassandra Cavanah - Page 2


Bug Off!

Protect against invaders with antivirus software.

Matter Of Fax

Stop trekking down the hall to the fax machine--let a software program do the walking!

Lingo Stars

Site-seeing on the World Wide Web? Better take along your translator.

Communication 101

Voice phone calls over the Internet? You bet your sweet browser!

Winning Numbers

Intuit improves on small-business favorite.

Mac's Back!

The long-awaited Microsoft Office 98 upgrade brings Macintosh users up to speed.

Hot Disks

New and notable software

Checks And Balances

Worried about your bottom line? Take a look at these money management programs.

Get It Together

Using computer power to organize your life.

Nuts & Bolts

Information overload? Database programs help fine-tune your important company data.

The Big Idea

Getting your software concept to market.

Call To Action

Take a deep breath - it's time to overcome your fear of cold-calling.

Talk Isn't Cheap . . .

. . . so you'd better shop around to get the most for your money.

Presentation Pizzazz

Macintosh programs to make your presentations shine.

'Tis The Season

Stocking Stuffers For Your Favorite Techie.