Cassandra Cavanah - Page 3


Remote Possibilities

Not in your office? Remote control software makes it simple to access your computer.

Dress Rehearsal

Before it steps into the spotlight, we take a sneak peek at Windows 98.

Get The Bugs Out

Cure your computer's ills with anti-virus software.

Making Plans

Create a business plan that will grow along with your company.

Untangled Web

Three new software programs help you put the Web to work for your business.

Make Contact

New and improved, these sales management programs help you close the deal.

Mac Attack

Apple fights back with plans for a new Macintosh operating system.

Suite Life

Microsoft's New Software Suite Makes Computing Sweet Indeed.

Tax Time

Three programs that help you prepare for the tax man

Battle Plan

Company books on the verge of rebellion? Take command with new accounting software.

Stocking Stuffers

Make the holidays brighter: Give the gift of software to yourself and others.

Making Waves

Small-business owners go to Washington to make their voices heard.

Soft Touch

A soft sell makes the hard step of buying from you a whole lot easier.

Easy Does It

Create marketing materials with easy-to-learn Macintosh desktop publishing software.