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Why PepsiCo May Be a Harbinger for Q2 Earnings Season?

Many analysts are warning of an "earnings recession" that will start in the quarter just ended. If that's the case, then a company like PepsiCo will have a lot to...

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3 Grocery Stocks That Can Help Take a Bite Out of Inflation

Grocery stocks are among the best defensive stocks for investors to buy during a bear market. Here are three best-in-class stocks that have pricing power to withstand a recession

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3 Home Improvement Stocks That Can Renovate Your Portfolio

Housing prices may be falling, but there's still an ample supply of homes on the market. This article gives you three home improvement companies that stand to benefit from steady...

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Why Hershey's May Deliver a Sweet Surprise This Earnings Season

As investors look forward to the second quarter earnings season, they should take a close look at The Hershey Company. The company's latest quarterly results shows that it is retaining...

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3 Precious Metals ETFs to Play the Commodities Boom

After underperforming in 2021, precious metals are seeing higher demand along with many commodities. This article looks at three ETFs that have a focus on precious metals in one form...

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Investing in Chewy Will Require More Than One Earnings Report

Before you decide to get in on the post-earnings rally in CHWY stock, let's take a look at the good, and not so good, that's going on with the online...