Chris Penttila

Chris Penttila is a Washington, DC-based freelance journalist who covers workplace issues on her blog,

Lead Buzz 08/05

Redefining medical leave, unhappy employees and more

Homing In

The call center may become a thing of the past--home-shoring is poised to make its mark on the economy. What's in it for you?
Growth Strategies

Monitoring Your Staff's Personal Habits

Controversy heats up over off-the-clock regulation.

Lead Buzz 07/05

FACTA explained, pregnancy discrimination and more
Growth Strategies

Bartering in Business

Barter is back in style and spanning the globe. Here's what you need to know to become the master of your exchange.

Corporate Raider

A joint venture with a big company sounds great -- until they back out and take your idea with them.
Growth Strategies

Stop, Thief!

A joint venture with a big company sounds like a dream--until the company backs out, takes your idea with it and leaves you in the dust.

What Lies Beneath

Today's consumers no longer fit into yesterday's molds. Here's how to get a grip on the new demographics--and get inside your customers' heads.

Passing the Buck

If you're asking employees to manage their own benefits, you could be asking for trouble.

Lead Buzz 05/05

A "booming" workforce, the importance of "vision" and more

Inside Job

Need a fresh perspective on projects, markets and more? Chances are, the answers you need are right under your roof.

Five Magic Markets

Learn tricks for getting in tune with today's five hottest consumer markets, and watch your profits soar.

All the Rage

Angry consumers are using the internet to get revenge. How can you keep them happy?

Lead Buzz 04/05

Sexual harassment training, biometric employee tracking and more
Growth Strategies

Innovating With Fresh Ideas

R&D is being neglected in too many companies. Here's how to ensure your product pipeline is flowing with imaginative and innovative ideas.

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