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Management Buzz 8/01

Buying a business to get employees, dress policies and more

Management Buzz 7/01

Parent-friendly business and tax breaks when you help your commuting workers

What Now?

Have the days of making it on your own come and gone? A new breed of partnership may be the way of the future.

Management Buzz 6/01

Withholding wages for Uncle Sam and hiring teachers as part-time workers

Coming Down

Recession or no recession, business as usual won't do in 2001.

Fast Track

A quick look at a software company that quickly became successful

Factoring In

Consolidation in factoring may help entrepreneurs.

Urge To Merge

M&A services: not just for the big guys anymore

It's My Party

And you may be crying if you stick with it come Election Day. Entrepreneurial concerns don't necessarily fall along Democrat/Republican lines, so know which candidate is best for your business.