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Christopher Elliott

Christopher Elliott is an Orlando, Fla., writer and independent producer who specializes in technology, travel and mobile computing. His work has appeared in numerous newspapers, magazines and online. You can find out more about him on his website or sign up for his free weekly newsletter.

Growth Strategies

Leading the Pack

Tools for getting the most out of your carry-ons
Growth Strategies

Visitation Rights

America's top 5 destinations have what you're looking for.
Growth Strategies

"No Fair" Fares

Have you paid the high price of buying cheap airline tickets?
Growth Strategies

Relaxed Fit

Tailor your travel for less stress and maximum chill.

Tracking a Trend

Business trips by train? How bad <i>is</i> your fear of flying?
Growth Strategies

Wait Here

Tips for getting on that flight before next Christmas

It's a Gift

Grab your Santa suit and load your sack with all the useful gadgets and goodies that will help your clients remember you in the new year.
Growth Strategies

Hotel Hell

Get your accommodations to accommodate with our guide to effective complaining.

Just Chillin'

What to do when the workday ends, but you can't go home
Growth Strategies

Carrying Cash

Your money's no good here--now how do you trade it in?
Growth Strategies

Air Share

How does going in halfsies on a corporate jet sound?
Growth Strategies

No Strings Attached

The race is on for airlines to offer you wireless Internet connections at hub airports.

High-Wire Act

When can we use our cell phones in the air, already?