Christopher Elliott

Christopher Elliott is an Orlando, Fla., writer and independent producer who specializes in technology, travel and mobile computing. His work has appeared in numerous newspapers, magazines and online. You can find out more about him on his website or sign up for his free weekly newsletter.

Business & Pleasure

Doing business in Charleston, South Carolina

Road Notes

Deals from Skyway Airlines and Hawthorn Suites and a review of <i>Plane Spotter</i>

High-Wired Act

The latest technology promises to beat the boredom of your next flight.

Road Notes

Deals from Delta Air Lines and Hertz

Business & Pleasure

Doing business in Sonoma, California

Pillows & Ports

Hotel high-speed hookups are catching on-slowly.

Road Notes

Deals from Dollar Rent A Car, and Southwest Airlines

In The Cards

There's no predicting the best way to earn mileage, so do your research.

Road Notes

Deals from Hertz, Midwest Express Airlines, and

Business & Pleasure

Doing Business in Dublin, Ireland
Growth Strategies

Road Hazards

Travel faux pas take you off the beaten path: Here are several to avoid.
Growth Strategies

Going to Extremes

Entrepreneurs play as hard as they work.
Growth Strategies

Need A Lift?

Business travelers hit the slopes.
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