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Decalogue of 'financial horrors' of saving

Saving is essential both to face economic emergencies and to achieve medium or long-term objectives, which is closely related to financial well-being.

What about the credit bureau and the debts of a person who dies

One of the main concerns for the family of a deceased person is what will happen to the debts left by this person, especially those associated with credit cards and loans.

5 financial education tips for our grandparents

It's never too late to save: Older adults are one of the most financially vulnerable population groups.

How much does it cost to have a baby in Mexico?

According to figures from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Mexico ranks second in adolescent pregnancy.

How does managing my personal finances affect my mental health?

Poor income management can lead to stress, sadness, anguish and, in the worst case, suicide.

5 documents to prove income, even if you are freelance or work on your own

These documents will be the evidence that you do have the financial solvency to pay each month.

How much does it cost you not to leave a will?

In Mexico, only 7.2% of the population has a will, while the remaining 92.7% do not have one.

5 tips to avoid asking for a loan before going back to school

For this return to school, families will spend more than 5,000 pesos for each girl and boy in the purchase of uniforms, backpack, shoes, tennis, school supplies and sanitizing material.

What are student credit cards and how do they work?

Developing a good credit history from a young age is important in order to access better financial opportunities in the future.

There is insurance for your pet and here are some reasons to consider it

According to figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, 57 out of every 100 Mexican households have a pet.

5 things about finances gay marriages should know

Despite the progress that has been made in Mexico, there are still many pending on the agenda regarding the LGBTQ + community.

3 lessons that let you build a financial budget

To set up a financial budget it is important that you consider what you earn and what you spend, as well as define the objectives you want to meet and within what period.

Learn about the tax benefits of saving for retirement

There are several useful financial schemes and instruments for planning our future that are tax deductible.

Tips for using your credit card during the Hot Sale

Paying by credit card at the Hot Sale can be advantageous due to the additional discounts that brands can provide.

Basic tips so that you do not get ripped off on your Hot Sale 2021 purchases

From May 23 to 31, the offers of this event will be available so here are some recommendations for you to take into account when buying.

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