Cynthia E. Griffin

Good News

Women Business Centers gain additional funding


Leading the disabled from unemployment to self-employment


Use this incubator to hatch your business in 90 days or less.


New CD-ROM is a starting point for Web neophytes.

Federal Contracts

Partner with the government's contractors.


Find the courses you need online.

New York

MBAs aren't so hard to come by.

St. Louis

Schmoozing for funding--at the latest networking event


Newcomers bring new money--just for your start-up.

Girls Just Wanna Have Funds

Changing the way venture capital firms look at women

A Good Rejection

''No'' isn't always a dirty word...sometimes it can even get you a loan.

Look A Little Closer . . .

An unfulfilled need? Or a business opportunity in disguise?

Gimme Shelter

It won't keep you dry in a storm, but art makes a great tax break!

Co-Ed Management

Diversity in your management team can help your IPO soar.

Check Your Webster's

There's a new definition for 'minority-owned business.'
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