Cynthia E. Griffin

Knock, Knock

Certification of women suppliers opens procurement doors.

EPA Program

Agency Encourages Energy Efficiency.

What's The Big Idea?

If you've got one, you'd better protect it. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's Web site shows you how.

Blueprints For Success

Hammering together a business with something extra.

Capital Building

Where to find the money you need.
Starting a Business

Know the SCORE

Free counseling and affordable workshops for entrepreneurs

Uncle Sam Wants You

The federal government is opening doors for entrepreneurs: Think job training and empowerment zones.

False Alarm

The truth behind a reported drop in start-ups.

Brave New World

Why now's a perfect time for women to take their businesses global.

Close To Home

Community lenders serve as a vital source of funding for nontraditional borrowers.

Help Is On The Way

Resources for entrepreneurs

Risky Business

Are dire economic predictions scaring lenders? It depends on who you talk to.

Call To Action

Summit outlines plan to accelerate growth of women-owned firms.

Factors To Consider

Need short-term financing fast? Try factoring.
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