Cynthia E. Griffin

New World Barter

A creative alternative for cash-strapped entrepreneurs


New Web site helps entrepreneurs take their businesses global.

Current Events

Social Security news you can use

Money In The Bank

Check out over 600 entrepreneur-friendly banks.

In Good Forum

You need tons of money. You have no financial contacts. Where can you turn? Many entrepreneurs have found what they need in venture forums.

Go Small

Not netting any capital? Try smaller venture funds.

VC Vintage

1999 was a great year for venture capital.

Venture Capital

Funding is just a click away.
Starting a Business


EPA rules and regulations revealed


Getting into the zone can pay big dividends.


Entrepreneur donates $4 million to entrepreneurial education.

Help or Hurt?

Test state governments' friendliness to woman business owners.

Fast Track

Profile of manufacturer of reflective accessories and clothing for pets and their families

Growing Up

Students learn real-life business lessons.

Legal At Last

Homebased businesses are finally legal in Chicago. Here's how they did it.
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