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Organizational culture

What is emotional innovation and how to apply it in your company

If companies promote the care and stimulation of the brain of their employees, their neuroplasticity becomes the key for professional development and that of the company.
Entrepreneurial Life

Zoom fatigue exists, and here are 4 ways to transform it

The overexposure to screens simultaneously, such as the computer, the cell phone, a television, a tablet, plus the succession of voice calls and deadlines that mark the top line of delivery dates, subject employees to an exhausting effort .

25 Criteria to Watch Out for When Connecting on LinkedIn

To accept or not to accept? That is the question.
Entrepreneurial Life

Cold shower? The routine of the most productive people when they wake up

Perhaps for those who are used to saying to themselves when they wake up "five more minutes" when the alarm goes off under the fluffy duvet and the warmth of the bed, this idea seems far-fetched.

7 Tips to Overcome Fear of Your Boss

A chief person is someone who has generally been appointed by the top of a company or organization.
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Is Your Employer Aware? The 7 Levels of Personal and Business Consciousness

The change and uncertainty that we are currently experiencing can mean the opportunity for unparalleled growth.

What Is Management 3.0 and Why You Should Pay Attention to Energize Your Teams

This model is based on the notion that a system cannot be analyzed as a mere sum of its component parts; rather, it is the relationships and interactions that give it meaning and momentum.
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The new super power of companies and their brands: the sensory

Business and home rituals, encounters, creating environments of warmth and support, are becoming more and more essential.
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Marie Kondo Is Right: External Clutter Reveals Your Frazzled Internal State

How messiness and disorganization can drain your mental and physical energy.
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How to stop feeling unhappy about the success of others

When someone feels unhappy in front of what others exhibit, it is because the mechanism of comparison is activated internally.
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How To Apply 'the Four Agreements' of Doctor Miguel Ruiz at Work

It depends on where you look at it, the four agreements are expressed very simply, and very profound at the same time.
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Fear of Success: The 5 Reasons Fears Paralyze You (and How To Overcome Them)

Do you avoid or miss opportunities? Do you feel guilty about the successful outcome in any aspect of your life? Do you put aside projects that would be important to you?
Crisis Management

Resilience in Companies: The 5 Necessary Pillars To Strengthen in Crises

It is not about resisting what challenges the moment, but about acting positively despite the difficulties, and being able to transform that experience into a constructive one, to forge a new level of learning in life.

Humble Leadership: 5 Dimensions for a New Style of People Management

The successive crises in the world, volatility and uncertainty, lead to consider another type of leadership, centered on the human and that gives rise to a genuine and transcendent expression of the role that is exercised.
Entrepreneurial Life

The 3-Step Method to Changing a Habit

To modify them it is necessary to work internally on the beliefs and paradigms that usually limit people to achieve what they yearn for and desire.