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The 4 traits of good leaders to be empathetic and achieve good results in teamwork

The challenges of being able to lead appropriately are many and varied, take note of these tips.

5 techniques to fully develop your team spirit

Leading including the emotional dimension of people in project management and the achievement of results within organizations is key.

The 7 habits you must practice if you want to be highly effective

Excerpted from Stephen Covey's book, these are some routines that we should pay attention to in order to improve in our life.

Enough of tips! Start by knowing how to ask with these 7 coaching formulas that every leader should know

Leadership is about influencing, inspiring, motivating and accompanying people in the development of their potential.

10 rules for successful networking

Networking is built progressively, and you can do it through social networks, especially those aimed at the professional market.

How your social CV affects your real life

Recruiters collate information about job candidates through their social media posts.

The GPS that every company needs: How to better take the curve of change to strengthen your team leadership

The change does not occur only because processes, training and new models of culture are implemented. Companies change when the people who make it up change.

The Missing Vaccine in the Pandemic: How the Shortage of Emotional Intelligence is Driving Everyone Crazy

Learn to develop self-leadership and to govern your emotions in the face of situations that are happening at full speed.

How to do 10-minute micro-meetings And make them useful!

"Reunionitis" is practically the deadliest pandemic experienced by businesses.

This is why you relate well (or badly) with others: Find out how you can improve your social skills

Antisocial people are often spoken of as a trait that distances them from their environment; what usually happens is that there are certain social skills that are more developed than others.

How to take responsibility for your life?

Know the three levels of responsibility and learn to apply it.

6 practical methods to master the art of apologizing and feeling guilt-free

It is an internal process that needs to be elaborated by the parties involved and that allows to clean up and clear what was bothering.

People Complain 15-20 Times A Day: 5 Ideas To Quit

If you live permanently in this state, you are going to suffer it, because not only do you not advance or solve problems, but it is a boomerang that turns against you.

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