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The 2-Step "Menu" for Giving Effective Feedback: Sandwich and Wrap

The vast majority of team and interpersonal bond problems have to do with poor communication. Take note of these strategies.

8 Traits to Have a Winning Mindset

As in all aspects of life, there are essential ingredients for success.

7 Ways to Learn About Leadership by Playing With the Rubik's Cube

Originally called a "magic cube", it is considered the world's best-selling toy, with some 500 million pieces.

10 practical leadership lessons from Steve Jobs

Perhaps this man never imagined the global impact generated by having been a leading businessman in the computer world. Take note of their teachings.

5 management keys for effective virtual leadership

Beyond the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, remote people leadership poses a challenge for organizations.

Ungrateful people: it is your ego that prevents you from thanking those who help you

What you get in exchange for ingratitude is possibly closing the window on that person for some next time.

Mental health: 5 keys to maintaining emotional balance during crises

What can we do to avoid being on the negative side of this whole situation.

6 ways to encourage entrepreneurship in children

With these suggestions your children will have a better job performance and the foundations to undertake when they grow up.

If the leader does not change, neither will the companies (keys to transformation)

If the leader does not change, the organization does not transform. It's that easy.