Danielle Kennedy

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Tip Sheet

Top entrepreneurs share their hottest sales pointers.

Objection Overruled

Customer objections are an inevitable hurdle between you and the sale. Learn how to overcome them.

What's The Problem?

Next time a customer cancels an order, find out what you did wrong -- and fix it!

The Service Solution

Give new meaning to the phrase customer service.

What Luck?

When it comes to business, luck helps those who help themselves.

Ready Or Not?

Want to make sales calls that leave an impression? Prepare yourself.

Curtain Call

Combining selling and acting techniques will leave your customers cheering for more.

Stay on Customers' Minds

Positioning your company ahead of the pack will make customers think of you first.

Visual Aids

Need to motivate your sales team? Try video training.

The Wisdom Of Og

Learning to succeed from the Greatest Salesman in the World.

Guiding Light

Motivate yourself--and others--by becoming a mentor.

Second Time Around

Build strong relationships and long-term sales by winning repeat business.

Niche Hunt

Investigate these 6 marketing niches, and unlock the door to a prosperous future.

Get Smart

If you don't know your product inside and out, you won't make the sale.

Basic Instincts

Appeal to your customers' primary needs, and you're one step closer to closing the sale.

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