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Don Debelak

Starting a Business

Inventing Business

People want to start businesses. They just need an idea: yours.

Bicycle Built For You?

Race to an industry ripe for invention.
Starting a Business

Zzzzzz . . .

Worried your product will be a bore to consumers who think they've seen it all before? A good marketing strategy will let you rest easy.
Starting a Business

Hoop Dreams

When you're having trouble finding a manufacturer for your product, these ideas may help you locate the one you want.
Starting a Business

Hello, My Name Is. . .

The best way to protect your invention? Brand your name.
Starting a Business

Master Plan

If you want to see your product get on store shelves, you'd better have more than one plan in place.
Starting a Business

Big Boost

Even though you've got a great idea, hurdles along the way can stop you dead. Find out how this entrepreneur bashed through the barriers to create a successful product.</P>
Starting a Business

20/20 Foresight

You've got vision, but do you have the grit to use it?
Starting a Business

In Good Company

Got a great idea but don't have the time to develop it yourself? Why not hire an invention marketing firm to turn your great idea into a great product?

The Next Big Product

That was their goal; is it yours?

Free Patent Advice

A must-read straight from the office

Foreign Power

Import resellers bring it home.
Starting a Business

My Buddy and Me

Got an idea for a cool promotional product? Read how this entrepreneur turned her simple idea into a successful business.

Make 'Em Talk

Jump-start sales the simple way—with endorsements.

Get Exports Moving

The SBA offers international trade tips.