Don Debelak - Page 9


Calling The Shots

Funding your invention - one step at a time.

Hair Apparent

Thank heaven for little girls.

Bags To Riches

How to sell more product with less effort

Bigger And Better

Want to take your invention to the next level? Successful entrepreneurs show you how.

Trade Secrets

Mark our words: In the battle to get your product noticed, a trademark can be your best friend.

Taking License

Profit from your great idea by setting up a licensing agreement.

Think Big!

Everything you need to know to turn your great idea into a bestselling product.

Broadcast News

Getting your product on TV shopping channels is easier than you think.

Working The Web

Secrets to selling your product on the Internet

Little By Little

Want to hit it big? Aim at small markets.

Priced To Sell

Great idea, but can you profit from it? Here's how to find out.

Do The Hustle

Do you have what it takes to sell your new product?