Elaine W. Teague

Soft Sell

How two brothers with an idea for a better tissue got in the game with the big boys--and didn't get flushed.

No Sweat

Dorm-food alternative, mobile gym for movie stars

Neighborhood Watch

When taking care of the community means taking care of business.

Made From Scratch

The location had seen three businesses come and fail. The restaurateurs were inexperienced fledglings. How then did Just Fresh grow into a $4 million chain?

Special Report Part II: Going For The Gold

Our top minority entrepreneur of the year.

New Brew

Not just java, cookbooks for charity

Think Rich

Achieving a wealthy state of mind

For Four Eyes Only

Retro shades, 3-D lollipops

Designing Woman

Youth is anything but wasted on this twentysomething fashion maven.

Coming To America

A Vietnamese immigrant's work ethic is the key ingredient in a good, old-fashioned American success story.

Feeling Blue?

Making the most of your office space.

Take It Easy

Creature comforts, hit the books, hold a candle to this.

Designing Woman

Dyslexia couldn't keep this award-winning entrepreneur from multimillion-dollar success.
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