Ellen Paris

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Animating Your Business

A real "Mickey Mouse" B school

I See You. . .

Fight high-tech thieves with high-tech weapons

Keep It Goin'

Don't let high interest rates squelch your growth plans.

Loser Laws

It's high time Congress got rid of some old-time legislation.

Meet Me At The PC

Gather round the table . . . err, monitor.
Growth Strategies

Drop The Bomb

Don't blow up chances at your best applicants with job acceptance deadlines.

Friends In Their Court

Providing low-cost legal assistance to your workers

How To Net Vets

Get first crack at skilled military vets <i>before</i> they hit the civilian labor market.

Sam I Am

I will not tax you on the Net. I will not tax you. . .wanna bet? Our favorite uncle continues to ponder Internet taxation--and the debate rages on.
Growth Strategies

A Reason to Stay

Incentives provide the "golden handcuffs" that keep employees from getting away.
Growth Strategies

Down And Out

Deny a pink-slipped manager a chance to be "bumped down," and you could get in trouble.

Free Lunch

Don't underestimate the value of free food when seeking employees.


Your first assignment: Let employees telecommute.

Office Faux

Most-imitated labels in 2000: Channel, DKNY.and Xerox?
Growth Strategies

Newbie Rules

Do you know your state's requirements for reporting new hires?

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