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What You Need to Know About the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

The new smartphones feature 3D Touch technology and an upgraded camera.

Apple Finally Revamps Apple TV, Integrates Siri

The new Apple TV has Siri support and a brand-new operating system for third-party apps.

Apple Unveils New Apple Watch Models, New OS

The Apple Watch only launched a few months ago, but there are already some significant updates.

Apple's Big Event Is a Week Away. Here's What to Expect.

New iPhones and an updated Apple TV are likely headed our way.

Forget Beacons: The Future of Retail May Be Magnetic

A new technology -- which uses a building's unique magnetic signature to locate not just stores, but also products -- aims to transform the way we shop at malls.

At WWDC, Apple Shows Off iOS 9

Here's a rundown of pretty much everything you need to know about the new operating system.

Samsung Announces Artik, a New Platform to Advance Its Open 'Internet of Things' Plan

The tech giant says its new chips will be able to help entrepreneurs create IoT devices much faster than they would be able to do on their own.

Imagine If Your Smartphone Had a Second, Full-Size Screen

It's possible -- and also pretty awesome -- thanks to this startup company.

This Gadget Makes Your Entire Kitchen 'Smart'

Orange Chef's new 'Countertop' device not only makes suggestions about what you should eat, it can help you prepare meals as well.

Get Ready for Big Changes to Facebook Messenger and Video

Mark Zuckerberg discusses what we can expect during the first day of the company's F8 conference in San Francisco.

Could the Apple Watch Actually Hurt Apple's Phone Business?

By making us gradually less interested in our phones, Apple might be in turn ultimately hurting its iPhone sales.

With ResearchKit, Apple Wants to Use Your iPhone For Medical Research

The opt-in program allows iPhone owners to participate in a number of medical research studies and creates new opportunities for startups.