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How much will it cost to process your passport in 2021?

The SRE released the passport cost adjustment.

WhatsApp: The 6 Big Changes Coming to the Instant Messaging Application in 2021

Several updates were released last year, and now more added functionalities are expected.

This Is the Time You Should Exercise If You Want to Lose Weight Faster

One study revealed that people who exercised before a certain time lost more weight than others.
Entrepreneurial Life

These are the 10 things you must do to be successful in 2021

For this year, set realistic goals that not only lead your business to success, but also help your personal and professional growth.

Tesla could include Apple Music and Amazon to its cars

Elon Musk's company plans to introduce more and more entertainment apps.

AMLO: Immunization in older adults with CanSino vaccines will begin in January

The president noted that the pharmaceutical company CanSino promised to deliver eight million vaccines between January and March.
Personal Finance

Spend less and buy cheaper brands, the plan of more than half of Mexicans by 2021

70% of the participants in a survey published by EY Mexico stated that they will reduce expenses on food, beverages and other products at least until April of next year.
Real Estate

These were the 10 most sought after neighborhoods to live in CDMX this 2020

According to an analysis by the Vivanuncios real estate portal, it was shown that the central and western areas of the capital are some with the highest demand.

Do you think you dance well? Boston Dynamics robots beat you with their choreography

Boston Dynamics, one of the most promising companies in the sector, shows in a video of approximately three minutes the new skills that robots possess, dancing to the rhythm of a song and they surely do better than you.

Katalin Karikó, the mother of the Covid-19 vaccine, affirms 'In summer we will probably be able to return to normal life'

Hungarian scientist Katalin Karikó, who made coronavirus vaccines possible, spent 40 years working and developing key breakthroughs for Moderna and BioNTech injections, gives hope that in summer 'return to normal life'.

Former Pizza Delivery Man Created Gymshark, a $1.4 Billion Sportswear Brand

A 28-year-old former pizza delivery man managed to create a sportswear brand valued at more than a million dollars.
Elon Musk

Elon Musk: You don't need a college degree to work at Tesla

According to the great mogul, a college degree does not represent some "exceptional ability," therefore you don't need one to rank his company.

Can Instagram Use Your Cell Phone Camera to Monitor Your Reactions? This Is What the App's Policies Say

Rumor has it on social media that the app can open your camera to see how you react to posts. But before hitting 'uninstall', check what its privacy policy actually says.

AstraZeneca Claims to Have the 'Winning Formula' for Its Vaccine

The CEO of the company, Pascal Soriot, asserted that his drug may already be as effective as the others that are already on the market.

Trump Signs Pandemic Relief Bill after Calling It 'Shame'

The outgoing president of the United States authorized $900 billion in aid for Americans.