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'Julioprofe' Breaks Guinness Record for Online Math Class With the Most Viewers In the World

How is mathematics applied in other subjects? This was the question answered by the talk that had more than 213 thousand viewers.

'We will have so many vaccines in 2021 that we won't know what to do with them,' says Elon Musk

The billionaire's statements about the COVID-19 pandemic have always been controversial and now these were his words.

Aptera: the Solar Electric Car that Does Not Need to be Recharged

This futuristic vehicle reaches a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.5 seconds and a single recharge is enough to travel more than 1,600 kilometers.

WhatsApp and the New Shopping Cart: How Does It Work?

WhatsApp shopping carts will be available all over the world, they allow you to send orders easily.

When Would I Get the Covid-19 Vaccine In Mexico?

As reported today by the government of Mexico, the entire population will have access to vaccines, although it will be through a prioritization scheme.

How and Where Will Vaccines Begin to be Applied In Mexico?

This Tuesday, the government of Mexico will present its vaccination plan against COVID-19.

Chief Fabiana Calls for People to Celebrate the Holidays at Home

"We have almost reached the end of this year, but not of the pandemic," said the head of the IMSS Division of Nursing Programs.

Apple: There Are iPhone 11 Models With a Faulty Screen

Is your smartphone presenting problems with the touch? Maybe it's part of this lot. Here we tell you how you can request the repair at no cost.

Water Begins Trading on Wall Street in the Futures Market for Fear of Shortages

According to CME Group, the company in charge of launching the contracts, this will allow better management of the risk associated with insufficient vital liquid and regulate its supply and demand in the markets.

How to Activate Facebook Dark Mode on Android

Here we tell you how to configure your smartphone with this new option of the social network.

Meet Austin Russell, the World's Youngest New Billionaire Who Dropped Out of College To Pursue His Dream

At 25, his fortune is worth an estimated $ 2.4 billion, more than double the figure that put Kylie Jenner on the 'Forbes' billionaire list in 2019.

This Restaurant Owner Went Viral for His Response to An Influencer Who Wanted to Eat for Free

The bloggers wanted to enjoy the best dishes of the place, but they received an accurate rejection that was applauded by thousands of Internet users.

National Pride: 3 Mexicans Win First Place In an Innovation Contest

Nicolás Ángeles, Lizbeth Gutiérrez and Luis Lira, graduates of the IPN of Guanajuato, won with an environmental scientific project.

This Airline Will Charge Extra for Carrying Hand Luggage and Putting It in the Lockers of the Plane

The measure proposes that travelers pay to use the compartments that are above the seats, which are usually free to use.

Molnupiravir: The Drug That May 'Completely' Stop the Spread of Coronavirus In 24 Hours

In early animal testing, this antiviral drug was found to prevent virus carriers from developing severe symptoms and transmitting the disease.