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Germany's Largest Union Prepares Battle Against Tesla: "We Can Endure a Long Fight"

With 2.3 million members, IG Metal seeks to defend the collective pay agreements that Elon Musk has tried to ignore.

WhatsApp Launches 3 New Functions. What Are They, and How Do You Activate Them?

Some iOS users can already use them, while for Android devices they will arrive in the coming days.

1.1 Million Businesses in Mexico Fear They'll Close Within 3-12 Months

The micro-, small- and medium-sized businesses that have managed to survive fear they may not be able to stay open much longer.

This Influencer Could Go to Prison for Giving Some Grandparents Popsicles

A young Colombian made a bad joke, and his cruel play could land him in jail.

Best Buy Mexico Announces Its Liquidation, and People Go Crazy Over the Price of the Nintendo Switch

The consumer electronics chain has discounts in the hundreds and even thousands of dollars on various items.

Putin Orders Start of 'Massive' Covid Vaccination Rollout

The Russian President has asked the government to initiate a "large-scale" vaccination by the end of next week, starting with doctors and teachers.

Video: Nike Racism Commercial Sparks Outrage and Criticism

Internet users call for a boycott of the company because of ad they consider loaded with prejudice against Japanese society.

Salesforce Bought Slack for $ 27.7 Billion, More Than What Was Paid for Instagram, WhatsApp or Skype

The software company acquired the business-organization platform despite the fact that it reported operating losses equivalent to 93% of its revenues.

The Best Android Apps of 2020

Here you will find the complete list per Google Play.

Nikola's Hydrogen Pickup-Truck Production Canceled After Fraud Allegations

General Motors announced it is severing its relationship with the electric-vehicle startup.

11 Magical Mexican Towns Worth Traveling to in 2021

These designations seek to reactivate national and international tourism in various states.