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This school is looking for Mexicans who want to go to Ireland to study English

Some research claims that speaking English as a second language can double your income.

An 11-year-old boy graduated from Physics in just nine months

It took Laurent Simons just nine months to get his bachelor's degree and he is already planning to go on to a master's degree.

What is prostration? Meaning, relevance and memes

After the vaccination registry for young people over 18 years of age was enabled in Mexico, searches for the word "prostration" on Google soared.

Do you like to cook? The Gourmet and Pinterest are looking for you

The kitchen television channel and the platform are looking for the next protagonists of the new miniseries "Sabores de Latinoamérica".

Izzi's service prices will increase in August

The first of August will be an important day for the pocket of the users of the company.

A father had to sell his car after his son spent $ 2,000 on a video game

The boy made about 29 transactions in the DreamWorks Dragons: Rise of Berk video game.

Marcus Dantus and Crehana offer entrepreneurship techniques with an online course

The investor and shark of the Shark Tank Mexico program joined the team of teachers of the education platform.

Reactivate the economy of your business in Querétaro. Participate in this free online program

The Economic Reactivation program for micro, small and medium-sized companies in Querétaro seeks to provide a business solution, by diagnosing and identifying the degree of impact by the COVID-19 pandemic in companies.

Which are the banks with the most claims and the most resolutions in favor of the client in Mexico?

We present you the financial institutions that resolved a complaint the fastest, according to CONDUSEF.

Ministry of Health recognizes third wave of COVID in Mexico

"We have a situation where there is a rebound, which is the third that has occurred throughout the epidemic," said López-Gatell.

VIDEO: Did all the workers at a McDonald's quit in the middle of the day?

As one TikTok user shows, a McDonald's in California was forced to close when all of its employees left their jobs at the same time.

The saving habits of millionaires generate debt for 90% of the population: Study

A recent Harvard study looked at how bad it is for the economy that millionaires are not spending their money.