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Donald Trump

Do you know why Donald Trump was treated with Remdesivir?

A study, conducted by Gilead Sciences, manufacturer of remdesivir, indicated that the mortality rate of patients treated with the drug was 7.6% on day 14 of treatment.
Social Entrepreneurs

CEMEX-Tec recognizes projects that seek to transform the world

33 projects from 13 countries were awarded in the categories: Transforming Communities, Social Entrepreneurs, Community Entrepreneurship and Collaborative Action.

This woman sold stolen items over the Internet for 19 years. A judge condemns her

Kim Richardson pleaded guilty in December 2019 and admitted that he participated in a conspiracy, which lasted from August 2000 to April 2019.

Apple sues a company that it should recycle iPhones, but ended up secretly selling 100,000 units

Geep Canada received just over half a million units of iPhones and iPads from Apple for dismantling.

Gucci launches a men's dress for almost 56 thousand pesos

The brand wants to combat "toxic stereotypes" with these garments.

Kenzo: iconic Japanese designer passes away from COVID-19

The creator of one of the most iconic perfumes in history has died at his
Entrepreneurial Events

South Summit will turn Madrid into the world capital of entrepreneurship

The 2020 edition of the meeting will be omnichannel and will be held from October 6 to 8.

More than 50 thousand SMEs receive loans to sustain their businesses during the pandemic

According to a survey of 1,160 SMEs nationwide conducted by Trendsity, at the request of Mercado Pago.

WhatsApp will let us silence people and groups for life

According to WABetaInfo, some users with access to beta version discovered this long-awaited feature.

There is already a beer created by Artificial Intelligence

Deeper is a drink produced in Switzerland with the assistance of AI.

New credits for individuals with formal economic activities affected by the pandemic

The Ministry of Economy and the Banco del Bienestar presented this new product. People with small businesses will be able to access loans from 20,000 to 50,000 pesos, at a competitive interest rate of 10%, well below the market average of 30%, with terms of 21 months to pay.

Latin American entrepreneurs launch campaign on Kickstarter to promote sustainable accessories with nopal leather

Tumbao, is a company of sustainable purses and wallets designed with ecological leather.

VIDEO: The real 'Iron Man' suit makes its first test flight to rescue a victim

The Gravity Industries "jet suit" aims to rescue patients in remote areas in minutes.

People with Neanderthal genes are more likely to complicate COVID-19, study finds

A genetic variant inherited for thousands of years could explain why some cases of the disease become more severe.

Entrepreneur buys a bank building that denied him credit for his business

Adam Deering felt humiliated when the manager of the financial institution said that "he was very young and inexperienced."