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Where and how to watch the launch of Apple's iPhone 12

An expected event since it will be the presentation of the new 5G smartphones and the Apple AirPods Studio.

Songsan SS Dolphin, the 'copy' of the iconic Corvette that was saved from a millionaire lawsuit

A hybrid car "inspired" by the classic 1958 Corvette was not sued by the brand for being slightly different.

They will soon release the results of the first census of social entrepreneurs in Mexico

DisruptivoTV and Socialab México joined forces to generate the first formal base of social enterprises in the country.

Customer-centric leadership is the new growth indicator: Zendesk and ESG

Businesses using best service and support practices drive dramatically better agility and success amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Do You Create an Online Payment Event Through Facebook?

Facebook launched online payment events, to create and organize an event, set a price, promote it, collect payment from interested people and broadcast it live.

Researchers claim that ayahuasca tea helps the formation of new neurons

The result was obtained in a study carried out by the Complutense University of Madrid.

COVID-19 vaccine could be ready by the end of this year: WHO

The director general of the World Health Organization is confident that the coronavirus vaccine will be available by the end of 2020.

Do you have an Airbnb? You must follow the Advanced Cleaning Protocol to continue operating

This Airbnb Advanced Cleaning Protocol was endorsed by the UNAM School of Medicine and the Mexican Foundation for Health (FUNSALUD).

Icnocuícatl, the Mexican poems by Cerveza Victoria to say goodbye to those who left without saying 'goodbye'

The Icnocuícatl was a poetic genre that the Mexica used to say goodbye to their dead to find resignation until they found them again in Mictlán.

Mercado Libre will show us stories of entrepreneurs in its new campaign

Through videos, the ecommerce company will show us the behind the scenes of entrepreneurs and the economy that you move when buying online.

Topo Chico ventures into alcoholic beverages

Hard Seltzer are drinks characterized by having a low percentage of alcohol, carbonated water and flavorings.

Which Phones Will WhatsApp Stop Working on in 2021?

Every year the applications carries out important updates to continue meeting the needs of its users. Check if you have any of the devices on which the app will no longer be compatible.

More cases of COVID-19 are added in Mexico due to a change in methodology

Despite this increase in the total count, López-Gatell confirmed that the SARSCov2 outbreak in Mexico continues to decline for the tenth consecutive week.

'Mujeres Investiendo' is officially constituted and launches a fundraising campaign in Donadora

The group aimed at building a private equity industry in which more women participate in investment decision-making formalizes its operations by establishing itself as a Civil Association.

Acast Teams Up with Ted En Español

The alliance facilitates the availability of TED in Spanish on podcast players such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify and the Acast application.