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Launch of the 'Diverse Financing' program for LGBTQIA + entrepreneurial entrepreneurs

The amount of the FMELGBT + and Viwala credits ranges from 300 thousand to five million pesos.

Radio host 'annoys' her Tesla thieves

Through an application, the woman was able to locate her car and recover it.

Prices for SpaceX's Starlink, Elon Musk's 'space internet' are leaked

Starlink has promised data speeds of between 50 Mb to 150 Mb with a latency of 20 milliseconds at 40 meters. For these speeds, would you be willing to pay this price?

A Mexican Car Could Become a Hot Wheels Legend

"La Bracala" will face finalists from the rest of the world where there will be only one winner who will see his car converted into a 1:64 scale Hot Wheels.

Early COVID-19 Vaccines May Not Be Perfect, Says Bill Gates

The businessman admitted that the effectiveness of the first vaccines against the pandemic virus may not be the best.

Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum Positive for COVID-19

The CDMX head of government announced on her social networks that she will continue working while she complies with the quarantine.

VIDEO: They create a 'helmet' that protects against COVID-19 for 60 hours

This "land diving suit" will cost $ 379 or about 7,900 Mexican pesos and will be available in November.

They Offer $ 9,500 to Search for Memes for 15 Days

Opera looks for people all over the world who surf the web and want to talk about the weird things they come across.

There is water on the Moon! NASA announces discovery

This finding would indicate that water can be distributed over the entire lunar surface, not just on the hidden and cold side, as previously believed.

Facebook launches a free online course for SMEs throughout Latin America

This digitization workshop, done in collaboration with ASEM, Victoria 147, Endeavor Colombia and the Association of Entrepreneurs of Argentina, will be held on October 28 and 29.

IKEA reprints and delays the launch of its 2021 catalog for an image

The company explains that the photo could be interpreted as racist.

Samsung president dies at 78

The technology company announced the death of its top leader.

Playlist for entrepreneurs: music to wake up

If you feel tired or sleepless, we have the solution for you for this last milestone of the week. Put on your headphones and put on play!

Huawei presents its high-end Mate 40 devices

These are some of the specifications of the equipment.