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There are early signs of a rebound from COVID-19, according to Hugo López-Gatell

The official declared that even so it cannot be said that we are frankly in a re-growth.

What is the Difference Between the Good End and Black Friday 2020?

Which one is it best for you to buy? And how much are they alike? We tell you all the details.

5 keys to eating during the home office

Food plays a key role in strengthening the immune system, reducing stress, increasing concentration, feeling more productive, giving us energy and of course keeping us healthier.

Zara rescues the supermarket trolleys and makes them fashionable

The Spanish firm launched a collection of padded shopping carts that went viral.

The number of hospitalizations grows and Mexico City could return to a red light

For now, the job will be to increase the number of tests and isolate positive cases as well as continue to insist on preventive measures.

They Named Their Daughter After an Internet Company and Got 18 Years of Free WiFi

The Twifi company announced on Facebook that it would give free internet to whoever named their baby Twifus (if it was a boy) or Twifia (if it was a girl).

E-commerce is growing thanks to women: study

Mexicans are spending more and more and appear to be adopting some of the luxury shopping habits of their American neighbors. How does this affect digital fraud problems and anti-fraud systems?

Mexico Will Buy 34.4 Million Vaccine Doses From Pfizer

The vaccines of this pharmaceutical company were photographed by the British press coming off the production line.

After denying the existence of COVID-19, influencer dies from this disease

"I also thought there was no COVID, and this is all relative. Until I got sick," he posted on his Instagram account.

The Association of Entrepreneurs of Mexico will hold its annual summit on October 22

The event will bring together entrepreneurs, investors, academics and representatives of the Senate and the Federal Government.

Rappi ventures into the travel segment: Now you can book flights and hotels

Rappi Travel has an offer of more than 250,000 hotels worldwide, as well as the main airlines that operate in the country and the world.

That always yes: List of the 12 cheeses and a yougurt that can be sold again

Profeco indicated that 13 of the 25 suspended products "have already accredited the corrections required to meet official standards."

This is the app for restaurateurs to face Rappi and Uber Eats

Check will be in test from October 20 to 31 and can be downloaded at the beginning of November. It will have a monthly cost of 3,199 pesos.

Here's how the Best Places to Work have led in 2020

The world's great companies have led the way in an unprecedented year. The new report captures the inspiring stories of Cisco, DHL Express and Hilton, top of the Great Place To Work list.