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Hackers Violate iPhone 11 Pro With iOS 14 in 10 Seconds

In China, there are cyber-hacking contests to find the flaws of devices or applications.

MassChallenge Mexico 2020 Finalists Announced

This year's Acceleration Program was characterized as 100% digital due to the pandemic.

There Are Already 5 Billionaires With a Fortune That Exceeds $100 Billion

The group's fortune as a whole is $615 billion and is close to the GDP of countries like Argentina and Switzerland.

Walmart Will Not Participate in the Good End, but Will Compete With Discounts in the Irresistible End

These are some of the offers in the 2,580 physical stores in the country.

Are You an Entrepreneur in Mexico? This Initiative Might Give You $100,000.

The Wadhwani Foundation launched the "Wadhwani Sahayata" program to support Mexican entrepreneurs through intensive expert consulting at no cost to entrepreneurs.

WhatsApp Business Launches a Purchase Button So You Can Sell More on El Buen Fin de Semana

This tool is now available worldwide and will replace the voice call button.
Entrepreneurial Events

Hacking Hub Virtual Meeting Is Presented to Solve the Social, Economic and Environmental Challenges of Jalisco

This program invites students, professionals, creatives, innovators and enthusiasts to present innovative ideas that can solve the social, economic and environmental challenges of the State.

What Is the Mexican Businessman Like? Here Is the X-ray of Entrepreneurship in Mexico

The ASEM X-ray reveals that 50% of entrepreneurs have founded more than one company and 7 out of 10 entrepreneurs had a company that failed.

This Would Be the New Version of the Nokia N95, a Phone That Never Hit the Market

The N95 update featured a music player, television, and internet access, totally groundbreaking advancements for 2007.
Creative Industries

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Revolutionize the World of Art and Creativity

Runway is a Chilean startup that developed an Artificial Intelligence platform that is already used in the United States to create audiovisual, musical and art productions.
Happiness At Work

Giving More Increases Your Happiness

Tal Ben Shahar, a famous Harvard professor, insists that happiness is the most important thing in the world and if you give, you are helping to generate it. Learn why it is important in your organization.
Entrepreneurship Calls

Finnovista Extends the Deadline to Participate in a Study on Blockchain

The research asks companies that have used it what its best uses and challenges are when adopting it in the financial industry.
Elon Musk

Elon Musk Is Recruiting Workers for His Factory in Germany

The billionaire explained that he is looking for "problem solvers" and that he does not care if they went to school or where they did it.

Woman Goes Viral After She Quits Her Job at Walmart Using the Store Loudspeaker

A Texas woman quit her job in the most spectacular way possible.

Xiaomi presents mini computer the size of a Rubik's cube

The mini computer is smaller than a smartphone and is known as Ningmei Rubik's Cube Mini.