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Video viral

UberEats delivery man cries in viral video because they tip him 23 pesos

Smithson Michael uploaded a video to his TikTok saying that after driving an hour they gave him a tip that he can't even pay for gas.

Solar eclipse: This is how the "ring of fire" event was experienced

This morning many countries had the opportunity to enjoy the show.

Judge rejects lawsuit against McDonald's for racial discrimination

Two brothers accused the fast food chain of awarding African Americans establishments in less favorable locations.

López-Gatell announces the end of the evening conferences on Covid-19, when is the last?

The Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, confirmed that there will be 'a different communication scheme' to report on the situation of Covid-19 in Mexico.
Consumption habits

Snack addicts? New labeling did not change consumption habits of Mexicans

Neither the warning stamps nor the disappearance of the Bimbo Bear and Chester Chetos made Mexicans stop consuming snacks and other 'harmful' products.

And the best paid 'post pandemic' positions are ...

The best paid jobs in the country depend on each geographical area, but the highest is around 75 thousand pesos.

Sinaloa seeks to solve its drought by throwing bombs into the clouds

Governor Quirino Ordaz announced that the cloud bombing program will be carried out to stimulate rain.

LEGO Built a Life-Size Lamborghini Sián Out of 400,000 Pieces

It took around 8,660 hours to replicate the brand's first hybrid.

ASEM announces program to accelerate the entry of Mexican companies to the US market

Applications for the Market Entry Bootcamp must be submitted by June 25. Here we tell you how.
Bill Gates

Bill Gates's love affairs were an open secret: Vanity Fair

Since the announcement of their divorce, reports of inappropriate employment relationships by Gates have continued to be published.

Microsoft boosts e-sports with the first Excel World Tournament, here the details

Microsoft hosted the Financial Modeling World Cup, a global tournament where Excel experts from around the world competed for a hefty $ 20,000 prize pool.

El Salvador becomes the first country to approve the legal use of bitcoin

The country's Legislative Assembly approved a law that will convert the cryptocurrency into legal tender in the country.

Cryptocurrencies what are they? how do they work? What others are there?

We are going to try to clarify the simplest frequently asked questions so that from this information you can begin to enter the world of cryptocurrencies.

Facebook Confirms the Development of Its Own Augmented Reality Software

The social network confirmed the development of an operating system for AR glasses.