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VIDEO: They create a 'helmet' that protects against COVID-19 for 60 hours

This "land diving suit" will cost $ 379 or about 7,900 Mexican pesos and will be available in November.

They Offer $ 9,500 to Search for Memes for 15 Days

Opera looks for people all over the world who surf the web and want to talk about the weird things they come across.

There is water on the Moon! NASA announces discovery

This finding would indicate that water can be distributed over the entire lunar surface, not just on the hidden and cold side, as previously believed.

Facebook launches a free online course for SMEs throughout Latin America

This digitization workshop, done in collaboration with ASEM, Victoria 147, Endeavor Colombia and the Association of Entrepreneurs of Argentina, will be held on October 28 and 29.

IKEA reprints and delays the launch of its 2021 catalog for an image

The company explains that the photo could be interpreted as racist.

Samsung president dies at 78

The technology company announced the death of its top leader.

Huawei presents its high-end Mate 40 devices

These are some of the specifications of the equipment.

Amazon Toughens Its Policies for Selling Plastic Products

The ecommerce giant will no longer let you sell single-use plastic in certain regions where it operates.

Adidas could say goodbye to Reebok

If the news is confirmed, Adidas would join the brands that are considering making their portfolio of brands lighter to face the crisis left by the pandemic.

They Are Creating a Mask That Inactivates Coronavirus With Heat

Scientists at MIT are developing a mask that would kill COVID-19 through heat.

Google Play Music is already dead; now you must switch to YouTube Music

Google is asking its Play Music users to transfer their account data to YouTube, something that will be possible for a limited time.
WhatsApp Business

Now you can make purchases and payments through WhatsApp Business

The business application will also allow companies to provide customer service in a faster way.

It remains at an orange traffic light in CDMX and they call to recreate the tradition of the day of the dead from home

Mexico City reported a lower number of hospitalized so it will not return to the red light says Claudia Sheinbaum and calls to remember the dead from home.

Juana Ramírez becomes president of the Association of Entrepreneurs of Mexico

Health company founder Sohin will chair ASEM for the period 2020-2022.

How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Yes, there are apps that let you do that.