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A virtual Gucci bag sold for more than $ 4,000, beating its physical value, and it's not even an NFT

This item cannot be used outside of the video game platform on which it was purchased.

Attention ARMY! The BTS band combo is now available at McDonald's Mexico

The combo will consist of 10 mcnuggets, a medium soda, some French fries, and two new sauces: Cajun and chili.
Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day already has a date for Mexico and the US: June 27 and 28

Amazon will invest more than $ 100 million in support to drive the success of small and medium-sized businesses globally.
dark web

A Gmail and Facebook account is more valuable to a criminal than a credit card on the 'dark web'

A price list released by Privacy Affairs revealed this information.

Why the falling price of bitcoin is good news for Robert Kiyosaki

Investor famous for being the "Rich Dad Poor Dad" author tweeted his stance on crypto this weekend.

Police raided a warehouse for drugs ... and 'found a bitcoin mine'

Authorities raided a warehouse thinking they would find an illegal marijuana plantation, but discovered computers mining bitcoins.

IPN researchers discover an anticancer bacteria in pulque

The bacterium Lactobacillus brevis LBH1073 is endemic to Nanacamilpa, a region of the state of Tlaxcala.

Uber, Facebook, Instagram and other apps that are slowly killing your smartphone

A recent study analyzed 100 of the most popular apps to determine which ones are the most demanding on a smartphone's battery and memory. They will make you want to give it a deep cleaning after reading it.

This Chilean robotic process automation startup raises US $ 2.1 million with the participation of Mexican investors

Rocketbot will use much of its second round of Pre Series A funding to expand the platform globally. Its immediate goal is to open offices in Brazil, the United States and Europe and continue expanding in Mexico.

What is Wi-Fi 6E, the 6GHz band that Mexico wants to declare as 'free spectrum' to have faster and less saturated internet

The new generation of WiFi 6E is about to arrive in Mexico with between 1 and 3 Gbps of speed. The Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) wants to declare it as 'free spectrum' for all compatible devices.

Rolls-Royce launched the most expensive and luxurious car in the world, meet its new Boat-Tail model

The exclusive Rolls-Royce Boat-Tail is a unique design tailor-made for a customer, it has coolers for champagne, parasol and accessories to make a luxury picnic.

16 years ago a judge gave a young trafficker a second chance. Today he returned to court to become a lawyer

Judge Morrow saw young Martell and understood the circumstances that had led the young man to life in crime. So he gave him a three-year probation sentence and a challenge: to return to that same court with an achievement.

This event seeks to reactivate the economy of small entrepreneurs in Mexico

On June 12 and 13, the first Xochicalli Bazaar will be held, which seeks to promote and reactivate the economy of small businesses that were born during the pandemic.
Intellectual Property

Mexico accuses cultural appropriation of Zara, Anthropologie and Patowl brands

The Ministry of Culture asked for explanations for the copying of different textile designs from indigenous communities.