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A Nurse Is the First Person in the U.S. to Receive the Covid-19 Vaccine

Sandra Lindsay declared feeling good after receiving it, also commented that the "vaccine is safe."

WhatsApp will stop working with these iPhone and Android from January 1

Very soon the most popular messaging app will stop working on several smartphones, check what they are and take your precautions.

YouTube, Google and Gmail services recover after suffering global crash

The massive failure affected countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America, as well as the United States and Australia.

Jeff Bezos' Amazon Could End Up Bankrupt for These Reasons, According to Specialist

Doug Stephens, a retail expert and founder of Retail Prophet, predicts that the online commerce giant will fail in the next decade and explains why.

Pfizer and Moderna Could Earn $32 Billion from Sales of Covid-19 Vaccines

Both American pharmaceutical companies have developed their vaccines from mRNA technology and will earn millionaire income for their creations.

Airbnb Is Already Worth More Than $100 Billion and Surpasses Uber within Days of Being Listed on Wall Street

The shares of the accommodation platform reached a price of $ 155.81, 128.69% more than the $ 68 at which its initial price was set.

Germany Imposes Strict Christmas Quarantine to Curb Covid-19 Escalation

The European country will close schools and shops from this Wednesday until January 10, 2021 after registering more than 20,000 infections this Sunday.

FDA Authorizes Pfizer Vaccine Against COVID-19 in United States

This Friday the United States Food and Drug Administration approved the use of the coronavirus vaccine from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

Experts Warn How Many Minutes a Day Are Enough to Get Depressed When Browsing Social Networks

Data were released on an investigation that will make you reflect on the amount of time you spend on social media.

Danish Researchers Developed Nanochip That Could Achieve 'Quantum Supremacy'

Specialists from the University of Copenhagen created a chip that could be used to build a future quantum simulator.

Adobe Flash Player released its latest update

The company will stop distributing the media player by the end of the year, it announced the official withdrawal.

The 2020 Game Awards are today! Meet the nominees for GOTY and other categories

Geoff Keighley, who is a major figure in the video game industry, announced the list of nominees for the 2020 Game Awards.

Today Cofepris will define whether to authorize the application of the Pfizer vaccine in Mexico

This vaccine has already been approved by different health regulatory agencies in countries such as Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Microsoft files patent for a chatbot that 'could' become the 'twin' of a deceased person

The company registered a technology that would be able to imitate people through their data.