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These are the types of inventory your business can have

There are many kinds of materials that you should have available, but they depend on their function for handling. Here we will explain them to you ...

Lessons from great rockers for entrepreneurs

These phrases from some of the most transcendent rock singers could serve as inspiration.

The 8 secrets of business success

Eight great entrepreneurs share the ingredients you need to succeed in business.

Change Your Mindset From Employee To Entrepreneur

If you want to become an entrepreneur, know what attitudes you must leave behind to be successful.

Today Is Super Mario Day - Here Are 5 Fast Facts You Should Know About the Iconic Character

Since his introduction, Super Mario has shaped not only the video game industry but popular culture as well.

20 songs to inspire you on a daily basis

Because, from time to time, we all need a "little help" to inspire us at work.

10 Playlists To Work Better This Week

Music is the best ally of creativity and productivity. These songs will become your inseparable companions!

51 songs to celebrate dad in his day

We put together some of the best tunes in English and Spanish to celebrate the father figures in our lives. Which is your favorite?

Do You Have a Profile To Be an Entrepreneur?

Many people want to start a business, but few have the necessary characteristics to do so.

5 advantages of 'putting' a green business

Betting on a sustainable or ecological business is betting on a great business opportunity. Join the green wave!

SAT 2020 declaration: 5 steps to file it

There are many options, either through the SAT portal or through a specialized service. The important thing is that you release your tax return easily and quickly.

How much should a mom earn?

If you were only in the household, you should have a salary of $ 2,316 a month; a mother with an additional job would earn $ 846.5 in the same period.

Quick guide to avoid impulsive spending

Do you continually make unnecessary and unplanned expenses? Learn to control them and keep your finances stable.

This Earth Day, Earn Money With Organic Soaps!

The popularity of these products is understood because, in addition to belonging to the lucrative green market, they have important advantages for the health of the skin.

7 sources of financing for your business

We present you some forms of financing to start or grow your business. Choose the one that best suits your interests and needs.