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Entrepreneur NEXT powered by Assemble is a platform that entrepreneurs can use to assemble vetted experts and teams for web, marketing, design, strategy, business and more. Whether you need help with one-time projects, recurring work or part-time contractors, we can assemble the experts you need to grow your business.

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Marketing Automation

Market Smarter, Not Harder, with Automated Messaging

Brands that use automated emails and SMS text messaging see a bigger ROI for their marketing efforts. Here's why.
Employee Morale

4 Tips to Fight Employee Disengagement During the Holidays

During peak season, leaders shouldn't let employee morale and recognition go by the wayside. 

Avoid Being Underemployed With These 4 Tips

The allure of a new job can also possibly lead you down the underemployment path if you're not careful.
Teaming Up For Success

Making Time for Professional Development When Owning a Business

Unlike traditional education, professional development allows you to take control of what you learn and can even easily accommodate your work-from-home schedule. 
Social Media

How Covid-19 Caused Social Media Apps to Pivot with New Features

To keep up with society's new digital traits, social media engineers have had to work tirelessly to launch more efficient and simpler features.
Workforce of the Future

Free Webinar | Oct. 29: 6 Tips For Hiring Freelance Talent

Join us as we discuss the need for flexibility in the post-COVID workplace and the need to build agile teams that help to prepare and respond to change quickly.
Adapt to Bounce Forward

So You Think You Can WFH?

Working from home presents a unique set of cognitive obstacles to productivity. Here's how to train yourself to overcome them.
Teaming Up For Success

Leading an Agile Organization with an Efficiency Mindset

Achieving both agility and efficiency requires a new managerial mindset, new organizational structures, a dramatic shift in the nature of work, and continued adoption of tech and automation. 
Content Strategy

Why Your Business Needs Platform-Specific Content

Every social media platform holds the key to a unique audience and style of communicating that is tailored specifically to that app.

Will Co-Working Studios Survive COVID-19?

Before the Coronavirus came along, co-working spaces like WeWork offered a glimpse into the future of work life. Did the pandemic ruin all that?
Adapt to Bounce Forward

Be Honest: You Miss Your Co-Workers

Loneliness is the top reason why nearly half of the remote workforce wants to return to the office after COVID-19. Here are six tactics to combat isolation related to working from home.

The Business of Freelance: An Increasingly Popular and Very Viable Career Choice

Maybe it's time we rework how we look at this type of career.

Predicting the Aftermath of the Economic Asteroid Known as COVID-19

As restrictions are lifted and local economies begin to recover, it will become evident that the Industrial Era has crumbled, giving way to the digital age.

How to Provide Valuable Career Experience to Your Interns

For those new in their careers, internships are a vital launching pad, and the guidance from a mentor can improve their chances of landing a job. 

What School Doesn't Teach Us About the Workforce

Some of the most important lessons about the workforce that institutions should include to prepare the leaders of tomorrow.