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"Stop Z", the Ukrainian marketing campaign to remove the letter Z from the world's logos

Can you imagine what the Amazon logo would look like without a Z? A Ukrainian agency is asking big brands to stop using the font in their logos until the war is over.

Ukraine launches NFTs that portray the timeline of the conflict with Russia

The original project shows the main events of the war in NFT's that will be released day by day.

Cerveza Victoria will celebrate Taco Day with NFTacos

The oldest beer in Mexico pays tribute to the taco by creating NFT's redeemable for food in the real world.

Richard Williams, the father of Venus and Serena, disapproves of Will Smith's violent behavior

The father of the tennis players and on whom the film starring Will Smith is based, spoke about the actor's behavior.

Student Selling His Soul as an NFT

What, does that seem any more ridiculous than a $50,000 doodle from Gary Vee?

The virtual distillery that José Cuervo will open in the metaverse

As the metaverse populates, brands are looking for ways to make themselves present to get the attention of their potential consumers. José Cuervo already has his plan...

After the storm Will Smith apologizes to Chris Rock

One day after the event, Will Smith apologizes through his Instagram profile.

Oscar ratings top 2021, but still low

The audience increased considerably compared to the last year's ceremony, but it is still far from the figures the ceremony had in the 90s.

How to Make Passive Income in the Creator Economy

Alfonso Cobo, founder of Unfold, outlines trends and opportunities for digital creators.

Elon Musk surveys freedom of expression on Twitter and plays with the idea of buying the social network

More than 2 million users responded to the survey; 70.1% said that the social network does not adhere to the principles of freedom of expression.

Vladimir Putin refers to the cancellation that the West has made to JK Rowling and the author responds

The Russian president equated the cancellation of Russian culture with that suffered by the creator of Harry Potter.

Scammer Anna Sorokin will have her own solo art exhibition

The woman whose life inspired a Netflix series will exhibit and sell the artwork she has made in prison.

Goodbye to daylight saving time? Mexico's president will analize its benefits

Since daylighy saving time was implemented in Mexico in 1996, there are those who have questiones its true benefits...

Who was Emma Godoy, today's doodle in Mexico?

Today's doodle in Mexico is dedicated to Emma Godoy. Who was this woman? Here is what you need to know...

Frida, the emblematic Mexcian rescue dog, is sick

She won the affection of the entire nation while looking for survivors after the earthquake of September 19.