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Will Ferrell to go Full Republican?

Finished with George W., Anchorman sets his sights on Ronald Reagan.

Holy Rated-R Cartoon, Batman! Watch the New 'Batman: The Killing Joke' Trailer.

Batman goes dark, real dark, in this epic battle with a seriously twisted Joker.

Watch Kelly Ripa Crush Her Return to 'Live!'

As the recently wronged host told her audience, 'Our long national nightmare is over.'

What Went Behind a Decade of Tweeting?

Re-discovering the first tweet by Jack Dorsey.
Funny Videos

Check Out Bad Lip Reading's Hilarious New Video 'Bernie & Hillary'

Sanders and Clinton share the stage in a weird and wonderful smackdown.
Impact Investing

Impact Investing Gains Muscle, Sees Enormous Opportunity In India

With recognition and support from the Indian Government, India can hope to be a world leader in this sector. - Ronald Cohen

'You Never Have Enough!' Great Advice for Start Ups from Sam Adams Founder Jim Koch

Watch the granddaddy of craft beer as he serves up pints of business brilliance.
Employee Morale

Champion UFC Fighter McGregor Stands up to his Boss With ... a Poem?

When taking a stand against his employer, UFC champion Conor McGregor found a pen was mightier than his fists.
Inspirational Quotes

Harriet Tubman's Most Inspirational Quotes

The U.S. Treasury has decided to put this great American on the front of the new $20 bill.
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