Estivaly Calva Tapia

Estivaly Calva Tapia

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This entrepreneur seeks to bring education to children who do not have internet access

Young people from all over the country give their time and knowledge to reinforce and design primary and secondary content for SEP.
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Xavier Rubio Was Not a Good Student. Now He Has a Successful Virtual Reality Educational Startup.

Although face-to-face classes were put on hold due to the pandemic, today Pixdea already has global companies as clients, and eagerly awaits the return to school
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After Passing One of the Country's Most Demanding Exams, André Tapia Created An App to Help Others Succeed

Reto Education developed four applications to pass medical exams and certifications.
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From a Canceled Bachelor Party and Wedding to Refly, a Flight Reselling Platform

Raymond Zeitouni and Shantal Jordana tried to sell their plane tickets that they were no longer going to use. They did not succeed on WhatsApp and Facebook. So they came up with creating an application for reselling flights.
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These two entrepreneurs want to change the country together with a civilized debate

The brothers Alejandro and André Rojas opened "Let's Reason", a digital forum without political affiliation to discuss topics of public interest.
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It all started with the purchase of a trailer and today this businesswoman owns two companies

Miroslava Magaña had everything against her and the only thing that kept her firm was her decision to win.
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How to Start a Business With Your Family

In Mexico there are 5 million companies, 90% of them are family-owned. However, only 13% reach the third generation. Those that remain successful have Corporate Governance.